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Building a bridge between the Netherlands and Turkey – how? 

Doing business across national borders has its challenges, especially if the rules in these countries differ. Are these challenges financially, then you will probably immediately think of having correct figures. However: to find solutions, more is needed…

BridgeBey shares and multiplies knowledge about controlling and reporting. So organizations can immediately convert transparent results into strategic decision-making. We bridge differences, so they can realize ambitions.

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With more than 20 years of experience, BridgeBey has successfully tackled a wide range of issues:

Closing financial leaks
a listed producer had been selling in Turkey for years, but did not trust the results
Request: perform
an audit to provide insight into possible causes and areas for improvement for closing operational/financial leaks

a 5-day audit revealed 3 pain points that could be structurally solved immediately by setting up and implementing accounting rules, among other things
Improve profitability
a Turkish production facility had been loss-making for quite some time; urgent help was needed to realize a turn-around
in addition to a financial control, also carry out a business control and map out change management needs, as input for a strategic plan

after a thorough 2-month analysis we carried out a 7-month change program that resulted in black figures within 1 year
Professionalize financial reporting
the reporting of a fertilizing company left much to be desired in both quality and speed
provide reliable insight into the financial position to enable informed strategic decision-making

by completely redesigning all reporting, management’s confidence in figures was reestablished, resulting in profit-boosting decision-making after one quarter already
Realizing a financial knowledge impulse
an agricultural company’s controlling team had no knowledge of the Turkish guidelines and thereby missed the proverbial boat
Request: provide a knowledge injection to make the existing team self-managing in their high-quality task performance
Result: by implementing our coaching program – with elements like knowledge transfer, 1-on-1 coaching and trainings – the 3 controllers are now operating independently
Harmonizing financial processes

Situation: a purchasing and sales organization lacked unity in reporting, unenabling them to prepare financial statements
: redesign reporting with clear instructions for the financial accounting team, so future data consolidation can be achieved easily and quickly
: by linking Turkish GAAP with IFRS, financial processes were harmonized and standardized, enabling a quick consolidation

Services BridgeBey

By providing various audits and design services. BridgeBey offers insight and advice to boost the returns when doing business with Turkey.


Financial Controlling
Have costs been booked correctly? BridgeBey sees through the Turkish-Dutch regulations and prevents the use of unauthorized loopholes in the law.

Business Controlling

What’s behind the numbers? Getting the details makes the difference. BridgeBey uses audits analize the information required for strategic management.
Business Reporting

Reporting has many dimensions, from financial statements to sales reports to cost price analysis.

BridgeBey makes them readable to initiate targeted improvement actions.

Beyond Numbers…

BridgeBey also supports organizations on topics like financial consolidations and budgeting. Furthermore, we can activate our broad, trusted network for legal and tax issues. We have built a wide network of reliable partners over the years. For example, we join forces with tax specialists and lawyers that can solve any issue and assist you legally and/or fiscally. BridgeBey always looks ahead with a problem-solving mentality.

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Initiating improvements


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